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Gerrand X

Starring as James Brown

Gerrand X...  Gerrand was born in Philadelphia and went on to study at Johnson & Wales University. Gerrand fell in love with music and performing while in elementary school where he won many talent showcases with his voice, acrobatics, and stage presence. Even then Gerrand was able to emulate any singer on note for note and step per step. Some of Gerrand's musical influences were Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross, Donny Hathaway, Eddie LaVert and you better know it, James Brown and Rick James. Gerrand has performed around the world including Thailand and Indonesia, leaving audiences captivated with his ability to sing and perform at maximum level on each and every performance. Gerrand is the consummate entertainer who is also a gifted drummer, bassist, and songwriter. Gerrand's other love is acting and he even landed a starring role in the 1987 classic film, "The Nigerian". Gerrand was also featured in three top rated movies in Thailand before coming back to America in 2003. As he continues to perform in venues coast to coast, Gerrand is also writing an audiobook and is working on releasing his own music material in the very near future. Gerrand considers it an extreme honor to portray his idols James Brown and Rick James. When asked which legend does have more fun portraying, James Brown or Rick James, Gerrand's answer is, it doesn't matter to him for he just totally enjoys seeing the smiles on the audience's faces as he keeps their spirit and music alive!

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