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Gerrand X and Masha T

Starring as Rick James and Teena Marie

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Gerrand X & Masha T. as Rick & Teena.... Though these two multi-talented performers were born a world apart, Gerrand X in Philadelphia and Masha T. in the Ukraine, music has brought them together to do what they love the most, perform! Individually they can light a stage on fire with their vocal talents and stage presence so you can just imagine what is like when they perform together. Portraying Rick James and Teena Marie comes so natural to these two mainly for the way they pay tribute to each legend separately, so you know when they are together it's music magic. Gerrand X and Masha T. have performed the Rick & Teena tribute for audiences from coast to coast and every time to a standing ovation as they both leave it all on the stage. Fantastic energy and great talent mixed with a whole lot of fire and desire, together these two entertainers will rock your soul! 

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