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John Carr 

Starring as Marvin Gaye

Mr. John Carr, AKA 'The Soldier Of Love'..  John was born in Wilmington DE., and is a determined supporter of the arts as both a performer and teacher. John began writing at the age of nine and later realized how much he thoroughly enjoyed singing the music that moves and grooves your soul. Needles to say that the legend Marvin Gaye is one of John's all time favorites, and he loves portraying Marvin Gaye to audiences from coast to coast. John has worked with many other recording superstars including the R/B legendary group The Delfonics and Alfie Pollitt. John credits his growth to the Creator, and John sincerely thanks Him for a sound mind, rich heart, joyful personality and dynamic stage presence. John truly believes that none of this would have happened with Him!  

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