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Roy Richardson

Starring as Stevie Wonder

Roy Richardson.......Roy was born in Trenton, New Jersey, after high school he studied music at Mercer Community College. Roy's musical career has been influenced by a variety of music from Pop, R/B, Gospel and Jazz. He is not only one of the most sought after saxophonists in the industry, Roy is also a very gifted vocalist and dancer. He has recorded  with many major recording artist and has performed on jazz concert stages around the world. Roy is also a prolific writer, composer and producer. Roy's other passion is teaching the youth in his Tri- State area about  respecting the art of music and being knowledgeable of the legends who paved the path for others to succeed. There maybe several greats that Roy admires, but one of the main legends is Stevie Wonder.  Stevie's music captivated Roy's ear when Roy was just a little boy, and this is why he loves portraying Stevie on major productions from coast to coast. Roy is a dynamite performer who is full of talent, ability and showmanship, and he thanks God for his gifts everyday.  

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