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JohnCarr and Tracey A.

Starring as Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell


John Carr & Tracey A. as Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell... What a tremendous duet portrayal of two very special legends who together helped shape our musical culture. John and Tracey excel as Marvin & Tammi  because of the love that they have for the legends they portray. When John was a little boy and started singing, he admired Mr. Gaye for his vocal talent and exciting stage presence which captivated everyone with every performance. John also loved the way Marvin sang with Tammi, and when he connected with Tracey they both knew that this was it!  As a young girl Tracey became one of Ms. Terrell's biggest fans who feel in love with the late superstar's sweet but strong vocals along with her classy style. Tracey always dreamed of performing as Tammi with that special Marvin by her side. This is exactly what John Carr and Tracey A. bring to this outstanding performance, great vocal ability, class and grand stage chemistry. John and Tracey have dazzled audiences from coast to coast, spreading their musical magic that we all love and know so well. Their show will have you grooving like back in the day, when music was at it's best, and the Old School way..

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